Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic


Sawgrass Office LLC

Project Architect/Engineer:
Macon, Chaintrueil, Jensen, Stark (1999)
Passero Associates (2007)

Brighton, NY

Project Cost:
New Construction-$4,000,000 (1999)
Addition-$750,000 (2007)



Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic is a 30,000 square foot, two-story breast cancer detection, and treatment facility that sets the standard for atmosphere and care. The medical office building was originally built in 1999 and owned by Spoleta Development. The project involved structural steel with light-gauge framing and brick veneer. In 2007, a new area to house their MRI machine was added and the renovations were performed in phases to avoid disrupting the day to day business at the medical facility.

“We have been working with Spoleta Construction on various projects over the last seven years and have been very happy with their services and impressed with their sensitivity to our patients and staff during the construction phase. I would recommend Spoleta Construction to a colleague because I feel they are both professional and reputable.”

Theresa Wade- MPHA, ACMPE
Business Manager