Canandaigua Central School District


Canandaigua Central School District

Project Architect/Engineer:

Canandaigua, NY

Project Cost:
$14,500,000 (Built 1991)

$5,500,000 (Renovated 2007)



The Canandaigua Academy was originally built by Spoleta Construction in 1991. The new construction of the existing structure was a $14,500,000 project. In 2007, the Spoleta team was pleased to have the opportunity to once again deliver Canandaigua CSD with the same quality of workmanship and serve the client in a proactive manner. Canandaigua Central School District had significant renovations made to their existing Primary/Elementary, Middle and Academy Schools.

Primary/Elementary School:
Extensive asbestos abatement throughout 130,000 square feet

Middle School:
1,500 square foot library expansion
Renovation throughout 144,000 square feet of existing building

Canandaigua Academy:
Renovation throughout the existing 200,000 square foot building

Additions include: 14,000 square foot gymnasium, 1,500 square foot dance classroom, 4,000 square foot music classroom, 3,000 square foot group instruction 2-story addition