Northern Heights

Project: Northern Heights
Category: Medical/Healthcare
Location: Rochester, NY
Budget: $3,300,000

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This project all began with a few developers and owners knowing their was a need for a highest of quality medical building next to Strong hospital. When they found three lots with three houses for sale they knew it would be impossible to pass on this possible build. Soon after the purchase, these three houses were torn down and this state of the art medial building rose up. This building includes a fully handicap accessible parking lot and entrance with three fully leased medical offices. On the first floor Spoleta Construction was able to accommodate with Rochester radiology and install a new, permanent PET/CT scanner. On the second floor Spoleta construction worked with the vein institute and Rochester Foot Care Associates to help them maximize their own and also their patients comfort. On the third floor we have helped accommodate Rochester Colon Rectal Surgeons Pc to the standards of what their medical offices has to provide.