The 1950s



Samuel Spoleta began working as a home builder and remodeler around 1941, the average price of a new home was $6,900. During the Great Depression he worked a full-time job, and hired out as a carpenter-contractor.

His commitment to the concept of doing something perfectly or not doing it at all, word of mouth advertising by satisfied clients brought him more and more requests for his work. At the same time, magnitude of the construction projects escalated from minor work to full scale remodeling and single family home building.



The early 1950’s, Sam Spoleta was faced with a difficult decision. He decided to take the risk and leave the security of his full-time job and devote all his time to his small but growing remodeling and single-family home business.


In 1958, the company incorporated in New York State and Sam’s son Michael D. Spoleta officially joined the family business. S.P. Spoleta & Son, Inc. office was located at 2269 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY.